EWOplace - The World’s distributed real estate platform with an insanely simple way to FIND, LIST, SELL or LET.

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Introducing EWOplace

EWOplace allows anyone, from anywhere to run native EWO apps forming a distributed network where it is finally possible to search, list, sell, let or simply manage any kind of real estate assets, from a single property to large multinational portfolios without sharing business or private data with third parties. It is also finally possible to find properties directly from those offering them, all while earning crypto tokens along the way.


You own and control your data. EWO goes beyond all GDPR requirements.


Pay little, nothing or get paid based on network usage. No commissions, subscriptions or charges on your business.


Find, list, sell or let directly from the app, no ads or distractions.


Earn crypto (EWO tokens) by simply running the App, no mining required!


The EWO way

The EWO platform features a global real estate portal that sources listings directly from Apps that form the EWO P2P network. EWO Apps can be downloaded and used by anyone to find their next property, but especially for realtors, where they work as their management tool with no listing fees or subscriptions required.

While the network is free to most of its typical users, supporting it financially comes by rewarding EWO tokens (an Ethereum based crypto asset) to users making resources available beyond their needs (i.e. storage and connectivity) while small contributions are taken from those demanding more resources than they can add.

How EWO works

EWOplace turns real estate technology and its business models upside-down, it allows individuals and companies to deal directly with each other, turns expenses into income, keeps data private and allows access to modern management tools that simply work from anywhere in the world.

EWOplace does not run a Blockchain but a distributed P2P network instead, blockchains are not the best solution for the problem EWO is solving. That said the EWO token does live in the Ethereum blockchain as a way to detach the platform from its token, for transparency and wider compatibility.


EWO fixes the “business model” problem

By using technologies such as P2P networks, distributed architectures and a cryptocurrency; for the first time, it is possible to support a real estate ecosystem without the usual predatory practices of exploiting users data or applying “century old” models such as selling ads, taking sales commissions or hefty monthly fees.

EWO brings a self-balancing approach where participants consume and contribute resources to the network while being rewarded for doing so. EWO has an unbiased approach enforced by design.

EWO solves the real estate business model problem.


The EWO token

To implement EWO’s reward system, EWO tokens are available to buy within the BETA program following a strict process of KYC and AML standards. The EWO tokens are designed to be used within the EWO platform but may be traded publicly via exchanges and/or other platforms.

  • EWO tokens are ERC20 Ethereum tokens, under the public contract 0x444997b7e7fC830E20089afea3078cd518fCF2A2

  • A total of 150M tokens are allocated to be distributed via the BETA program in small batches and under certain restrictions.

  • EWO token current price ( within EWOplace ):
    USD$1.2 per token
  • About

    EWO team & timeline

    EWOplace (previously known by its company name EstateRISE Limited) completed its seed funding in 2016 and was followed by early development work and a pilot testing of the prototype throughout 2017. Further tests in South America and in the UK helped refine user processes and workflows taking us to 2018. A gradual rollout will follow after the EWO token distribution, starting with the first test nodes forming the distributed network.


    EWOplace counts on its board with co-founders Richard Mathieson as CEO, Haroldo Bottosso as CTO & Sue Miller. A selected group of seed investors also advise the board on different issues; mostly based in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia they bring a wealth of experience across multiple industries, including Property, Education, Engineering, Stock Exchange and Finance, Architecture, Communications and Property Development.

    Until recently, ran and owned an international property management company for over 30 years, with an insider's view of the industry and its pain points.


    Richard Mathieson

    Owns an R&D technology centre in the UK and is a founding partner at a private equity firm specialised in emerging technologies.


    Haroldo Bottosso

    Owns and operates a real estate investment and management company in the UK.


    Susan Miller



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    EstateRISE Limited (trading as EWOplace) is a British company operating globally from offices in Cheltenham & Maidstone within the UK.