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Stay & Stake into Real Estate

EWO place is a real estate club for flexible living. Earn from, pay little or simply live rent-free in a range of properties around the world. Experience alternative lifestyles while helping local communities thrive.

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Go off the beaten track and experience the world. Live different lifestyles and cultures while supporting the communities around them. When working from home, home can be anywhere.

  • Unique places to call home
  • Great to learn a language
  • Blend with locals


Better than renting, easier than ownership! Pay no rent to stay in a place of your own, simple but ready with the essentials to feel at home. Safe, cozy, in true local style with support always on call.

  • Just bring yourself
  • Smart connected homes
  • Concierge services


Keep a token balance and earn crypto weekly. EWO features its own staking system and cryptocurrency, the “EWO token”. A share of payments for stays and services go back to members as rewards.

  • Earn from members usage
  • Real Estate “staking”
  • Rent-like rewards

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Discover places to stay, manage your tokens, card and bookings. The app doubles as a smart remote control for your home. Unlock the front door, request concierge services, turn off the lights, find your way in, out and around. All in one simple app.

  • Places to book and stay
  • Built-in crypto wallet
  • Token rewards (staking)
  • Smart home controls
  • Concierge services
  • Live support

Pilot Location

Pampilhosa da Serra

Mostly known only to the Portuguese, isolated and surrounded by mountains and fresh water lakes, the area of Pampilhosa da Serra is a natural wonder. Ideal place to kayak, swim, go hiking or just relax in your own village home. Full of traditions and culture, locals welcome EWO members with open arms, revealing their amazing ways of life.


Community driven

EWO card

Real world use for your virtual tokens. Book places, pay for things, top-up or withdraw them to your own digital wallet. Card balances double as a form of Real Estate “staking”, earning you interest-like crypto rewards every week.

  • Effortless staking
  • No card transaction fees
  • High APY

EWO token

EWO tokens (EWO) are widely compatible Ethereum based assets. There are only 101M issued. Store, buy, earn, use or swap Ether (ETH) for EWO directly within the EWO place app. Third party apps, wallets and exchanges are also available.

Latest token price
Frozen 90MFloat 10MStaked 1M

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